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About David Hamilton

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Dr. David Hamilton, a life long resident of Mobile, Alabama, was born along with his twin sister, Pamela, on November 6, 1956. Graduating in with honors in 1975, Dr. Hamilton went on to receive his Doctorate of Divinity, from Cathedral Bible College, in 2004.

At the age of 11, David received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and a call to ministry. During his teenage years, David was able to develop his teaching skills and the use of visuals within the local church assembly; he continued to do so until his mid-twenties.


After graduating from high school, David worked for 16 years developing other skills in architectural design and general contracting. Married in 1982 at the age of 26, David was divorced in 1996; during this time, he worked as a free lance Architectural Designer/ Consultant and General Contractor.

Seeking deeper spiritual fulfillment and reconnection to his earlier call, Dr. Hamilton received a divine Word of direction in 1991. His response established the course, resulting in the conception of Temple Treasures; and ultimately the birth of Mishkan Ministries, which was incorporated 1996 in the state of Delaware.

"Mishkan" the Hebrew word for, TABERNACE, was an Old Testament biblical structure, designed by the Architect of the Universe. It is this House, Dr. Hamilton's divine call leads him to study, to construct and to teach. What Dr. Hamilton thought would be a life long profession in architecture and contracting, he now understands was a time of learning and preparation.

Equipped with his former years of teaching, along with the subsequent years of general contracting, David was ready to pursue his call, to an "Uncommon Ministry". This divine call inspired him to re-create the Tabernacle and its furnishings as never before seen since biblical times; to teach with clarity, the divine revelation of each piece. With his world renowned collection serving as visuals for teaching, Dr. Hamilton has been invited to impart these life changing revelations in: churches, conferences, campmeeting and conventions across America.

As the Founder and President of Mishkan Ministries Inc., Dr. David Hamilton, continues setting the standard for Tabernacle teaching with excellence; receiving recognition from world wide ministries; with appearances on TBN, as well as other TV and radio stations.

While being sought after by writers for his knowledge, both national and international magazines have sought permission to use pictures of pieces in the exhibit because of their museum quality. In addition, he is called on by ministries around the world, providing them with their own tabernacle re-creations.

The exhibit is an ongoing project, being perfected as Dr. Hamilton continues his studies through research and traveling to places of authenticity, such as, Egypt, the Holy Land and other areas in the Middle East. Dr. Hamilton's dream for Mishkan Ministries Inc., is a museum which would house a permanent collection of tabernacle re-creations, as well as, other biblical items from various artist. The museum would serve as a location for yearly workshops, at the same time, maintaining a traveling collection for teaching tours.

About Mishkan Ministries

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Mishkan Ministries is an; "UNCOMMON" ministry of inspirational Tabernacle teaching. Dr. Hamilton compels his students to experience the Pattern of this Old Testament, God given structure. Today as it pertains to there body, the Temple of the Holy Ghost. His teaching equips the pupil with the knowledge of: how to measure them-selves by Gods divine plan.

Being totally comitted to his calling, Dr. Hamilton has traveled all over America teaching and demonstrating the revelational lessons of "God's House".

Having been asked many times how he came to be involed in such a ministry? Dr. Hamilton gives this personal testimony:

When I started with this ministry in 1991, I did not know its purpose, nor did I know the message I was to preach and teach to God's people. It started in June of 1991. I worked as an architectural designer, and general contractor for the state of Alabama for about 15 years. One night, being unable to sleep. The place I knelt to pray was upon a ROCK: about midnight. The time and place will later be symbolically understood as being very significant in the birth of this ministry. There God spoke to my heart and said, "I am going to give you an UNCOMMON MINISTRY." I know it was God because I would have never used the word UNCOMMON with a ministry. I would have described a ministry as being unusual, different, or even unique, but never UNCOMMON.

The next morning, I mentioned to a friend how the Lord visited me and called me, then: caused me to forget that special night. Afterwards, I began to be inspired concerning the things of the Tabernacle. With this inspiration came the deep spiritual understanding and enlightenment about the vessels and furnature. So compelling was the inspiration, so revealing was the enlightenment, that I saw it with my mind, I understood it with my heart and desired to build it with my hands. It was at this point that God had a vessel, totally committed,mind,soul,and strength. The anointing took control of my being to reconstruct these; God's Holy Objects. The Spirit moved me with an urgency to complete the first exhibit very quickly. Working on it every day, even into the late night hours, I felt consumed with something much bigger than myself. And being larger than myself, it required more than I could give, it required the Anointing.


Home base of Mishkan Ministries, Mobile, Alabama.

I worked on my project for seven and a half months. (I say project, for I did not know at the time that this would be my ministry.) I worked, studied, prayed, constructed, lived, ate and slept thinking about the Tabernacle. I then felt it was time to take what had been built, and the messages about these things, outside the walls of my workshop and study. So in Janurary 1992 I felt led to inquire about setting up my collection of Tabernacle items at the Bogalusa Bible Conference. From there it went to Alexandria, LA, in Feburary to a meeting called: "Because of the Times". From that time until now, doors have not ceased to open.


Three months after I started traveling with the display, I was sitting in a church about 10:00 a.m. As I was looking at the display from the pews the Lord spoke to me again and said, "This is the UNCOMMON ministry I said I would give you." I began to weep. This was the first time since I started the project; that I remembered the Lord's original message. God had caused me to forget that call until after it was together. I believe had this call to an Uncommon ministry been in my forethoughts, then my goal would have been to produce something different or unusual of my own direction and understanding. This way, God led me to find things that would, in turn, become a teaching tool in that UNCOMMON ministry.

I am blessed to be called to take the Tabernacle and its furniture as it was in its beginning, God's portable visual aids, back on the road into the wilderness of biblical darkness, until we reach the Promised Land of spiritual understanding.



Picture Gallery

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David Teaching the Tabernacle Experience at TBN Studios




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