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The High Priest


The Ephod: Colors and Material | The Curious Girdle of the Ephod | The Onyx Stones: the Engraved Names | The Breastplate of Judgment | The Robe | The Golden Plate & The Miter | The Coat | Annointing Oil

The Ephod: Colors and Material

Gold, Blue, Purple, Scarlet, and White (Exodus 28:6-7)

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The Curious Girdle of the Ephod

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(Exodus 28:8; Exodus 59:5; Luke 17:8; Isaiah 22:21)

The Onyx Stones: the Engraved Names

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The Breastplate of Judgment

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The Precious Stones (Exodus 28:15-29; Ephesians 6:14)

Urim and Thummin (Exodus 28:30; Numbers 27:21)

The Robe

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Hem of Blue Robe with bells and pomegranates. (Exodus 28:33-34)

(Roll over the picture below to hear the bells.)

The Golden Plate & The Miter (Exodus 28:36-39)

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The Coat (Exodus 28:31-35; Isaiah 61:10; Job 29:14)

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In the beginning man acted as his own high priest. We remember Cain and Abel offering their sacrifices to God. Later we find the father, as head of the household, offering sacrifices to God. Abraham was one of many who practiced this sacred duty. Still later in the history of mankind, we find a man chosen of God to act as priest for a nation, and finally Christ Himself as priest for the entire world. Jesus said: "No man cometh unto the father, but by me." (John 14:6)

The priest of which we are particularly concerned is God's chosen man Aaron, brother of Moses. Aaron was commissioned by Jehovah God to serve as High Priest for Israel. He not only was called (Exodus 28:1; Hebrews 5:4,10), but he was cleansed in order to be properly prepared to perform his sacred duties (Exodus 29:4). The high priest in holy garments (Exodus 28:1-40; Exodus 39:1-31; Leviticus 8:109).

Annointing Oil

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See the Annointing Oil Video

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