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The Golden Candlestick

(Exodus 25:31-40; Exodus 27:20-21)


Pitcher for the Oil | Vessel for Cleaning the Menorah


The golden candlestick was a very important item within the tabernacle's holy place. Like all other furniture, it was also very costly. At the end of each branch, and at the end of the central shaft, were lamps that contained oil. The branches and the shaft were beaten into a series of knobs, bowls, and flowers. An equal number of these constituted each branch and the shaft.

Pitcher for the Oil

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The pitcher is designated to replenish the oil for the flames of the menorah. This vessel contains the measurement of 3.5 "lug" (Approx. 2 liters)

Vessel for Cleaning the Menorah

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One aspect of the daily service of the menorah required the priests to clean the seven individual cups. A special vessel which included tongs and brush was utilized for this task.

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